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a 100-year-old lady, a goat at the party, and a baby in the band

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By Jen White · February 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Last weekend was a big, fun, family-filled time for us...we had a birthday party for my great-aunt Rudy, who turned 100 on February 15, in Slidell. Several relatives (and friends) drove down from Oklahoma to go to the party and hang out with us in the French Quarter. I forget how much I love the French Quarter until I'm there, and then I just want to keep going back. Without further ado, here's the 100-year-old lady:

If she looks awesome, it's because she is. She made a short speech at the party, which she closed by saying, "I don't lean on anyone. You lean on me."  I love it that she got a personalized boa and parasol. I wanted to stand up right then and start a second line, and I think it might've happened, if this gal hadn't crashed the party:

A goat! She was cute, but persistent! As expected, she made a bee-line for the cake. Luckily we herded her out before she spoiled it.

Friday we had some classic fun in the Quarter, starting with a stop at Cafe du Monde. It's been too long!

Sunday, Paul and I were already missing our beloved FQ, so we went back. Guess what! There's a 3-year-old playing trumpet on Royal Street! Well, not playing licks, but he can blow some notes in time and in tune. Only in New Orleans.

Where y'at? Why arentcha IN NEW ORLEANS?



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happy birthday to your great aunt! What an amazingly fun 100th birthday!

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Thanks Lauren! It was a blast!

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What fun! This post just blew my mind. A 100th birthday, a goat, a child trumpeter, and delicious. You're right. Why aren't I in New Orleans?!

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Sabs, it was the best! Look me up when you visit!

posted by Rachel Townsend

I want to know where the goat came from?!

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It was a lost goat but there was a guy working in a shed behind the church who was looking after it until he found its owner. She was really cute!

posted by AiLien

If this is some attempt to get me to go to N.O., IT'S WORKING. Let me just get this trip to Vietnam outta the way.

But, seriously, this is a great post!

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