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gettin' fresh: new fresh market opens on st. charles

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By Jen White · July 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The new Fresh Market opens today, y'all! 9:00 a.m. Be there ready to fill a cart full of goodies because everything looks so bright and shiny and gorgeous.  It's in the beautiful old Bultman Funeral Home at the corner of Louisiana and St. Charles, which was most recently a short-lived Borders Bookstore. It may just be the most awesome place in town to make groceries, considering their offerings, their prices, and their not-too-far-uptown location.

They have a nice-looking seafood case with plenty of local options and damn good prices. That Yellowfin is $14.99/pound!

If I'd taken photos of everything I was intrigued by/fell in love with, I'd bore you to tears. But I have to say this octopus salad was flirting with me pretty hard. We'll meet again.

Apparently there is a whole library of alcoholic beverages upstairs. I forgot to look! Probably because i was so dazzled by things like...

the produce rainbow,

the bulk section (complete with green bean and okra chips, yay!), 

petits fours!, and

the promise of a scoop of gelato to snack on while I troll the aisles for dinner fixings.  I can't wait to see what they put in here.

Fresh rotisserie chickens chilled in the deli case instead of sitting under heat lamps all day, shrinking to a fraction of their once-plump size.  OH, and rotisserie wings, y'all. WANGZ. Just the best dern part of the whole bird. Chik-fil-A, we have no need of you.

Lots of soups. Imma try Lobster Chowder.

Pre-made wraps and sammiches. I'm guessing the lower space will be for salads.

A stylish antipasti and olive bar. Right behind me, at this point, is the bakery area, filled with beautiful things: loaves, muffins, pastries, you name it.  I think I was too busy stuffing bacon into my face to take a photo, or I just forgot. Forgive me.

A selection of cold fancy beers downstairs, in addition to the second floor beer-a-tarium.

Treats for me!

Treats for Paul!

This really excited me. It's like a spice card catalog. You can buy small amounts of dried herbs and spices (this prevents you from using stale, flavorless spices that have been in your cupboard too long). I love how these are packaged, and down below...

some spice jars if you wanna get classy glassy with it.

And finally, outside on the front porch: some tables for eating your pre-made lunch goodies, complete with fans overhead, a copious amount of shade, and classic St. Charles people watching. 

posted by AiLien

We go to Fresh Market occasionally; last time we went, we got the freshest mussels that were STILL ALIVE and days old.

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Nice! I think I'll try theirs. I've had a hankering for a big pot o' mussels lately.

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What a great looking market!

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It's really nice! I can't wait to go back.

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