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Food Orleans is me talking about restaurants, home cooking, festivals, and traditions in the food capitol of my heart.

Author:  Jennifer Abbott White. Contact me at thesouploop@gmail.com.

I'm a new New Orleanian, having moved here in July of 2008, but my roots here run deep.  My maternal grandmother was born in Baton Rouge and was moved to New Orleans along with her sisters at a young age, to live in the family home on Palmer Avenue (at Claiborne).  German ancestors of mine had come to Louisiana from Rockenhausen to cut stones for New Orleans' plentiful cemeteries.  My grandmother graduated from Sophie Newcomb college in '41, moved to San Diego to marry my grandfather (at an Army base), and when his service was up, came back to his hometown in Oklahoma to run the family store.  She returned to New Orleans often to visit her mother and sister Rudy, and I grew up with a constant supply of new Mardi Gras beads to play dress-up with.

New Orleans was the answer to the "What next?" question that my boyfriend, Paul, and I asked ourselves after finishing grad school--the answer that allowed us to be closer to family, to the place we love the most, and to the roots we both hold dear.  We packed our things and drove from Fayetteville, Arkansas, to our new home, with our good friend Garrett helping us get there in one piece.

I started Food Orleans as soon as we had electricity in our first apartment.  If there's anything you'd like to see here--a particular restaurant, a certain recipe, photos of a street you used to live on, etc.--please e-mail me at thesouploop@gmail.com.  I'm always looking for new writing opportunities, so feel free to contact me about those as well.








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