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surviving the summer

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By Jen White · August 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Although we had a relatively mild July here in New Orleans, August is really digging its hot little heels in.  With a little over a month of dawn-to-dusk swelter in store, I thought I'd offer up some cooling treats (and words) to keep us all going.

In New Orleans, summer means cold sweet things.  Get to Angelo Bracato's and dive into some gelato!  Even a bracing espresso goes down easy after a scoop or two.  I resoundingly recommend the apricot gelato, followed closely by their heady version of zabaglione.

* * *

My favorite take-home ice cream has to be New Orleans Ice Cream Company.  The Cajun Rum & Raisin is a knock-out, complete with a cayenne kick that'll open the sweat valves.  At right is Nectar Soda, a uniquely New Orleans flavor that tastes like a sweeter-than-normal amaretto.

* * *

Check out my friend Donn Cooper's wistful "Ode to Plum Street Sno-balls" from Oxford American.  You'll feel like you're in line for a nectar soda without even breaking a sweat!

* * *

And if you're in the mood for something more substantial, check out Stein's Deli on Magazine.  They have an awesome wall-unit air conditioner that blows cold air that you can see.  Also, their Rachel sandwich (pastrami/swiss/sauerkraut/Russian dressing) is a thing of studied beauty, hitting all four of my taste zones just right: salty, sour, sweet, and cheesy.

* * *

SUMMER BONUS:  Stein's Deli sells Marmite! It's the only place we've found that carries anything close to Vegemite here.  Booyah!


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