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paws for thought: my neighborhood bead dogs

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By Jen White · September 2, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

This week, I'd like to share photos of the Paws on Parade bead dog* sculptures around my neighborhood, the ones I see when I go to work or the grocery store or the gas station. Though there are some awesome dogs I love in other parts of town, these are the ones I'm going to miss seeing on a daily basis when the sculptures are taken down at the end of September.  Since hurricane Isaac just did a number on our fair city, I want to take this opportunity to share one of the reasons why I love where I live, despite the occasional floods, power outages, and swampy humidity.  I just plain like seeing portraits of saints drinking coffee on giant Mardi Gras beads that are part of a dog sculpture. Is that so strange?

These sculptures are ruffly (ha ha) three feet tall and made of something too strong for mean ol' Isaac to mess with.  You can see a slideshow of all the dogs here, but you can't get much detail that way. I tried to get a little closer to my daily dogs to show you a bit more detail. Enjoy! And check out the video about making bead dogs at the bottom of this post!

"Revolution Dog" by American Can Apartments.

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